Being among the leading firms which deal in offering high quality steel products, The Stainless Steel Shims we provide have gained appraisal  for being remarkable and high-caliber by industrialists and clients in  worldwide market. The Shim manufacturing proceeds using the finest raw material procured from our certified suppliers.

Our offering of Stainless Steel Shims is available in 0.025 mm to 0.40 mm thickness and are made from cold rolled stainless steel. The shim maybe used for alignment or to adjust the fit of machines, And prevent wear and tear from rigorous use.

It constitutes of an alloy that contains less than 10% chromium in concurrence to its total weight. Rightfully called as Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRES) our shims do not corrode, stain and are rust free. The stainless steel has effective anti-corrosive properties and forms a oxidation film on the surface of the shim, To prevent any possible corrosion and blocks it from spreading out further. Feasible area of applications may include refineries, nuclear plants,desalinating of fluids, welding, assembly of machines, tools for the industry. Acute quality control and rigid testing was thoroughly carried out in the development of this product.

Thickness : 0.025 mm thickness, 0.10 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.35mm, 0.40 mm
Width : 14' (355 mm) to 4' (1220 mm)
Applications : Chemical, Sugar, Textile, Automotive and Paper & Pulp industries.


1. Dimensional accuracy
2. Light weight
3. Needs less maintenance

Also, we are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of variety of STAINLESS STEEL SHIMS

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