Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

ASTM B194 Hastelloy Alloy C276 Threaded Bar, Hastelloy UNS N10276 Hex Domed Cap Nuts Manufacturer, Hastelloy C276 Threaded Stud Suppliers In India.

Hastelloy C276 Nut, Hastelloy DIN 2.4819 Bolt, Hastelloy C276 Screw, Hastelloy Alloy C276 Studs, Hastelloy C276 Washers Exporter.

Kalpataru Piping Solutions has been providing the world market with high quality goods that are capable of delivering in the most rigorous conditions and can withstand any amount of external factors involved in areas of application. The machinery at our factory unit has been calibrated to specifically carve these products based off computerized designs. 

The C 276 grade of Hastelloys is widely renown for their toughness, sturdy nature and overall physical properties that affect their performance stability. The fasteners forged from the C 276 grade can be used in myriad instances of the industry from simple assemblies to complex machinery were it firmly holds together components despite all the changing pressure and motions. C 276 grade constitutes of nickel chromium and molybdenum where the nickel and chromium contribute to the durable and tough nature of the fastener while the molybdenum makes it resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The fasteners come in welded as well as threaded type. 

Hastelloy C276 Fasteners Specifications :

Specifications : ASTM / ASME A/SA 193 / 194 IS: 1364, 1367, 3757, 6639, 3640
Standards : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Length : UPTO 1 METERS
Size : M4 To M100, 3/8" Unc Till 4" UNC
Types : Anchor Fasteners, Bolts, nuts, Cotter Pin, Eye Bolt, Washers, Stud Bolts, Stud, Threaded Rod, Socket Screw, Fine Fasteners & Spares, Foundation Fasteners, etc.

ASTM B194 Hastelloy C276 Fasteners Products :

  • • Hastelloy C276 Nut
  • • Hastelloy C276 Bolt
  • • Hastelloy C276 Screw
  • • Hastelloy C276 Studs
  • • Hastelloy C276 Washers
  • • Hastelloy C276 Threaded Bar
  • • Hastelloy C276 Wing Screw
  • • Hastelloy C276 T-Head Bolts

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