ASTM A 672 Carbon Steel Welded Pipe & Tubes

ASTM A 672 Carbon Steel Welded Pipe & Tubes

ASTM A 672 Carbon Steel Welded Pipe & Tubes

ASTM A 672 Carbon Steel Welded Pipes & Tubes Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.

Carbon Steel Welded Pipes & Tubes, CS Welded Pipes & Tubes, A672 Suppliers in India.

Kalpataru Piping Solutions has been involved in grueling task of producing high end parts and components that will suit the functioning assembly of industry and help in contributing towards the industrial commerce. Use of many advanced machinery and professional expertise has resulted in  overall progress in building a assortment of products. 

American Standard A 672 are made using high quality native carbon and steel which are forged at high temperature to ensure a pure alloy form. Addition of amount of carbon may vary due to difference in  malleability and ductility that may be expected by client incase of free shaping, molding and setting pipes. Use of less carbon makes pipes best contenders for welding applications and are capable of making a solid joint. Use of A 672 grade is mainly associated with high pressure areas like boiler rooms and cryogenic plants, due to their construction specifically with thinner walls to attribute for various areas of work they are used in. 

Sizes Range:12" - 24"
Schedules:SS 5, S 10, S 20, S 40, S 60, S XS, S 80, S 100, S 120, S 140, S 160, S XXS

Types :
ASTM A 672 GR. B55
ASTM A 672 GR. B60
ASTM A 672 GR. B65
ASTM A 672 GR.B70
ASTM A 672 GR.C55
ASTM A 672 GR.C60
ASTM A 672 GR.C65
ASTM A 672 GR.C70

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A recently settled association, Kalpataru Piping Solution is growing rapidly with its sights set on turning into a worldwide player in the piping industry.

We are based in Mumbai, India. We have a esteemed clientele and its the trust of these clients that has taken our company to its highest level of success.

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